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The Fatima Marie Agency is a full service consulting agency with expertise in branding, marketing and advertising.  FMA supports a wide range of needs within these fields; from individual and company brand consulting to logo and website development to marketing strategies and everything in between.  FMA’s goal is to provide small businesses and individuals with high quality, purpose driven and effective communications bringing the right audience to our clients in a manner that is in line with their core beliefs.


A world in which people create purposeful and abundant lives that lead to transformed families, local and global communities. 

Connecting people with purpose to foster the transformation of humanity.


Fatima Winfrey

Taking her successful career in marketing and advertising and marrying that with her personal mission of supporting others with creating full, purposeful lives, Fatima created the Fatima Marie Agency to bridge a gap and support fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses with a wide variety of marketing needs!  Fatima's personal style is bold yet versatile, chic, tailored, and comes with a splash of color.  She brings her creative flare, eye for detail and strong strategic background to FMA and each client's business; hearing what's needed and bringing the vision to life with excellence.   

Fatima works with other highly successful and creative professionals to create what's needed for each client's unique needs.  Photographers, graphic designers, web designers and much more are part of the FMA network and collaborate in a very unique way to create for our clients!  


Interested in scoping a project?  Contact us for a free 30 minute discovery call!  

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